Injury Prevention & Return to Work Programs

Canberra Injury Management Centre

Have you recently had a joint repair, reconstruction or replacement?

From the desk workers to heavy manual labourers, or from the leisurely walker and gardener to the elite level athlete. Every occupation, activity and sport has its unique set of stressors on the body that can result in overuse injuries and pain.

Injury Prevention & Return to Work Programs

Knowing what the common stressors are for your specific occupation, activity or sport and what you can do to avoid or mitigate these problems could be the difference between extended time way from work or missing your grand final game.

The team at Canberra Injury Management Centre are able to provide expert advice on:

  • Identification of key hazards specific to a workplace, activity or sport
  • Basic anatomy & biomechanics of common injuries
  • Education regarding injury prevention & management
  • Practical application of safe lifting & manual handling techniques
  • Risk management & problem solving
  • Preventative exercise strategies and programs

We are also able to provide injury prevention seminars to groups of employees at your workplace, whether it be in an office setting or out on the field.

If you would like to organise a one-on-one session, one of our staff to present to your organisation, or would like more information please contact us on (02) 6230 0200.

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