Worker’s Compensation & Third Party Claims

Canberra Injury Management Centre

Worker's Compensation & Third Party Claims

Have you experienced a workplace or motor vehicle injury?  Finding the right path to recovery can be difficult and frustrating.

Our multidisciplinary of team of psychologists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists at the Canberra Injury Management Centre are all approved to deliver comprehensive and expert treatment options to all those under the ACT and NSW workers compensation and motor vehicles schemes.

We understand that there a lot of stresses involved with these types of injuries including:
  • Sometimes needing to take time off work, and the pressures of returning to work
  • Knowing what duties are suitable and at what points these duties can be upgraded
  • Explaining to your insurer, rehabilitation provider and doctor what you are physically capable of, what you should avoid, and how long for
  • Life is more than just work, and return to pre-injury lifestyle is just as important as return to pre-injury work
To help take the stress out the recovery process we can:
  • Bill your insurance company directly for your treatment
  • Provide reports for your treating doctor, insurer and rehabilitation provider regarding changes in symptoms and functional capacity
  • Help you return to your pre-injury duties at work as well as your pre-injury lifestyle

All you need to provide us with is:

  • Your claim number and insurer details
  • Your doctors name and referral letter
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