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Physiotherapy is able to provide a range of treatment options depending on what is appropriate for each individuals specific injury or condition. It is important to choose the right method of physiotherapy to aid your recovery so that your return to activity or work is not prolonged any longer than necessary.

Assessment focuses on identifying the biomechanical and/or structural problems a client may have as a result of an injury or lifestyle factors.  Biomechanical problems refer to inefficient changes in the way you move, where as structural problems refer to injury to the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons or nerves.  They usually accompany one another.

Once the problem has been identified, a solution is then proposed in the form of a treatment or rehabilitation plan that aims to help resolve the biomechanical and/or structural issues and work towards the patients goals.

Treatment varies for each individual condition, though usually involves a combination of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, biomechanical corrective exercises and activity specific exercise prescription.  Traction, ultrasound, shock wave, TENS or interferential therapy is also available for conditions that are appropriate.

Our team also recognises that complex conditions require a holistic approach to treatment and are often associated with psychosocial barriers. We aim to identify these early, and as we work in a multidisciplinary team have the ability to work closely with our psychologists to resolve these potential barriers early.

Our highly experience physiotherapy team is comprised of several APA titled Pain Management Physiotherapists, APA titled Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists, as well as Canberra’s only Specialist Physiotherapist. We each have expertise in different areas of the body.

To find out who is the most appropriate to see for you problem or to simply book an appointment contact us on 02 6230 0200.

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